Design an inline list based on choice component

Is it possible to design like this?

Have selected what’s new in choice component it display the results based on filtering date added by today

But for clothing it’s also display the same data.but I need different data to be designed differently by adding tiles for category based on category type
Category type :saree, chudidhar,tops,pants
Category:whatsnew, clothing, favourite

What needs to be done to link all these? whether I need different inline list?

For favourite it’s needs to be display favourited.

Is it possible to do this?

Assuming you’re already writing the choice component to a user-specific column, what you need to do is have 3 different inline lists and show them based on the user-specific column’s value.


Not working.

Please explain more on what you see on your end, we can’t help you it you just say it’s not working. Either attach a video to explain your settings and your expected result, or some screenshots.

Will explain with screenshot.Good news is I’m getting values in the table.i have missing something in the design.thats there I need your help.

Attached all my screens,

These are the two tables i have used.
Productlist table

Category table

My home page

here i get this value for whats new choice with the date added is today.have one value its listed in whats new.

But the same values coming for clothing and favourites which shouldn’t.

so i created 3 if columns separetely in the productlist table and get values as whatsnew by dateadded is today,clothing by dateadded is on or before today,and favourites from is favourited column is true.

And created a relation column in category table for 3 choices and gets the values in tables which is what i needed.

But couldn’t display it by selecting choices in home page.all 3 choices displaying only the same values.

Choice component


You only have one inline list there with the filter fitting for “What’s New”. You should have 3 of them, and show/hide them accordingly based on your user-specific choice.

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I not understand what you are saying.

How can I show/hide the inline list bases on user specific choice.

I’m really not understanding with this.

Your choice component is writing to a field in your database. I mean you should use that value to show/hide the inline lists (conditional visibility).

Yes the choice component which I selects is writing in the user specific column.if I select what’s new,it’s writting on the user specific choice column and vice versa for other 2 choices.thats to write condition for this?


Hi @Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh

Now i have created 3 inline list.But still i have problems showing the data.

Now solving one issues that is getting the same values in the 3 choices.this is solved.
But im getting the data for what’s new choice correctly by giving visibility conditions and empty data for other 2 choice.

Im giving the visibility condition for other 2 choices but its not getting the data.thats the problem im facing.why ?

I think i have 3 relaation column created in the category table getting datas correctly. but i have a choice field in the order as 1.What’s New 2.Clothing 3.Favourites
Next column the choice field ,getting values by selecting in the editor in the first position parallel to What’s new choice.its comes only in the first position so its getting only the data which has values of whats new.

i changed the first choice as clothing ,its getting correct i want to know how to change the position of this choice values in the choice column.

Is there any way to move this choice values instead of 1st position?

You don’t need any relations. Just point each inline list to the products sheet. Don’t use the relations. It’s not working because you are only displaying the first row of your categories table and you only have the what’s new relation filled in that first row.


Hi Jeff,

Check this n confirm

Now the values of 3 inline list is retrieve pbm in that.

But I want to show if I click what’s new it should show only inline list 1

Clothing should show inlinelist 2
Favourite should show inlinelist 3.

But it’s showing in all the three the same thing.

I don’t have a field of category what’s new, clothing, favourite as a category values in product it that because it is not coming?

I have this value only in category table.

Now if I select what’s new choice, displays inlinelist 1 and inline list 3

Clothing lists all 3 inline list

Favourite list inline list 1

Don’t know whats happening.

Gave some condition in visibility of each inline list.

I just quit this concept.i have some problem with this concept of getting the data.thank you.