How to filter by choice

Having 3 choice options as what’s new, clothing, favourite

Having 2 sheets product list, category

Product list having some column
Category has category type column

Now I need to be display data whatever choice options selected.

What’s new will select only products which are posted today.its coming but the same data is coming to clothing and favourite.

Clothing needs to be display the category and it’s related data.

Favourite displays which products are favourited.

Why I’m getting the same data for all options of choice?

Some screenshots of existing filter conditions would make it easier to understand what you’re trying to accomplish and where your errors (if any) currently exist.

I’d recommend checking out the Screen Values documentation as it may be helpful for this.


I have created app with category as choices and product list by selecting choices.

Attach link for this.

But here I have choice category,as well as product list category and product to combine all this?

What you share with me,I really don’t understand.

I need a help like,by means of this you can do this.thats the kinda help I need.

This will help you!

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