Not giving result in inline list

I am having problem in populating my inline list.
I have a column in a data table (from a google sheet) that has names, addresses etc and regions.
I am using “choice picker” that selects the “user region” column from the table (sorted in alphabetical order) .
The chosen region is than written to a column “region” (that is user specific)
In the inline list I have the condition “user region is region” - but no results are shown
When I go back to the data table, the region column is blank down to row 288 where the chosen region is show.

I have done this in the past and it has worked !

The issue is that you’re filtering the screen to that row rather than filtering the list. Here’s how I create choice component filters:

Glide: Filter an Inline List with Choice Components


Thanks for this Robert
I have followed your excellent guide and YES it works

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Happy to help!

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