InlineList + Choice

Hi folks,

I´m building a new app where I will have a choice (listing some neighborhoods) and below this a InlineList with all stores that are i the same neighborhood listed in the choice.

A created a tab to list this neighborhoods and I already have another tab with the list of stores. The point is: when I´m selecting the neighborhood on the choice, it´s updating the data in the sheet. So, if I have there two items, it will overwrite the one of them.

When I select a different item in the choice, it´s updating the InlineList fine. The problem is just with the data being updated on the tab “Config”.

Could you help me? Where am I failing?

Just to ilustrate what happens after I select the second item the choice:

So you have your choice set to write to the neighborhood column that’s part of the data you are trying to display? That’s working correctly with the way you currently have it set up, but you really should have a new user specific column that the choice component writes to instead. Then use that new user specific column for your filter.



Try this:

City > is included in > Screen > column of choice

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Thanks! It solved my issue! :slight_smile:

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