Filter not triggered when screen value changes

I try to filter an inline list by the choosen choice of a choice box and I don’t get it.

Is this possible?

So when the user changes the choice box the list items should change too.

Check out this thread:

Also, @Robert_Petitto has a video tutorial that might be what you’re looking for:

My user can add as much choice items as he want so this solution is to static.

But thanks for your answer.

Thanks for your reply.

If the record exists it work like expected. I can filter the inline list based on the selection of the choice box. I think this works because the choice box writes directly to the field…

When I use show form and then connect the choice box to the field and use in the filter the field from this screen it doesn’t work. I believe the field is still empty even if the choice box is not empty.

I would make some Screenshots tomorrow to explain this.

So you have a choice box inside a form and have an inline list also inside the form?

Exactly the inline List should be a preview of the products that been applied to the look alrady.

When I do this in the detail view of my Look_Products gtable this works fine.


I’m not entirely sure if you can filter an inline list using a choice inside a form. Can you filter by screen values?

Yes I try to use the screen value to filter the inline List.

And the choice box ist connected to the same field.

But changing the choicebox value did not change the screnn value I guess. The screen value is always empty I guess.

Hmm it look likes the field is written imidiality.

Ok. I would say this is a bug. The Filter is not triggerd when the screen field changes.

Seems like I can reproduce this. For the moment, I would advise switching to a “custom form” with user-specific fields and using user-specific columns for inputs, an an add row action to submit, if the inline list is crucial for you.

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Thank you very much for this hint.

I think this would be a better workflow for the user too.

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Thanks again for your help and advice.

This is the new workflow:



Nicely done my friend.