Filter bug or my set up?


I have an inline list of students that is filtered via a choice option. Works well. However, the ‘Year Total’ directly under the choice chips is supposed to filter at the same time. It does…except only when I interact with the app in a completely non-related way, e.g scroll scroll up or down, tap somewhere randomly. It’s like the filter will only work if I ‘trigger’ it some how. Once I do, it works perfectly and the year total shown will be the one selected in the choice filter. I can keep changing the selection and the filter will work as it should. But exiting the tab and re-entering will revert it back to not working again.

Screenshots show the list of students changing but the Year 3 total remains even when Year 5 is selected. Then when I scroll a millimetre it fixes itself and ‘Year 5 Total’ appears.



@SantiagoPerez recently I have seen this behavior when you try to display something based on a choice writing to a user-specific column on the same screen.

In my case it was with an inline list sourcing from a relation. That relation uses a user-specific value to relate to a column in another table. As @Dan76 pointed out, I had to do something on the screen, or go back to the previous screen and then go into the details screen again for it to “calculate”.

The weird thing is that it’s not consistent. It only happens with some choices and not all.

@Dan76 if you can attach a video of the bug here it would be great. Thank you.

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Ok thanks

I have another filter in the same app that shows similar behaviour. I have to go into the details screen of one of the items then back again to ‘kick start’ the filter into working properly.


I’ve been tearing my hair out over this one for weeks. I’ve reported it to support, and @SantiagoPerez is well aware of it. I’ve sent him lots of videos that show/explain the behaviour :stuck_out_tongue:

In my case, I eventually found a horrible kludgy workaround that involved replacing a single Inline List component with 7 separate components and flicking them on/off with visibility conditions. Just awful… but it got me out of trouble and allowed me to move on…

Here is the workaround that I used…

Initially I was driving everything through a single relation that dynamically updated as different days of the week were selected. Although it was working fine - I could see from the data view that the relation was updating correctly as I switched days - the Inline List component would not update unless I could find a way to “bump” the screen. So it’s some sort of screen refresh bug that’s related to inline lists and dynamic relations.


Hi Darren

Thanks I’ll try that but yeah, not an ideal approach when (in theory) it should work with just one inline list.

I’m almost inclined to just tell users to scroll a bit to activate the filter, “It just needs a jiggle to get it going” :wink: :laughing:

I’ve been told that Glide engineering are aware of the issue, so hopefully a fix is not too far away.


Hey guys,

The engineering team is aware of this and is working on fixing it.

No ETA at the moment, thanks for your patience.