To get the data you want with the Choice function

There is a problem.
If you select “in progess” or “Complted” in the Choice function in the video, I hope it will be listed below by the status in the inline component below. What should I do?

What does your filter look like for the inline list?

It looks like this.

I think you should have your filter set to compare the Status to the Screen Value choice status.

I followed the answer, but it doesn’t work.
I would be very grateful if you could attach an image or video.

Can you show a screenshot of the columns in the data editor please?
In particular, the Status and Completed columns.

One of your filters is Status is not Completed

Based on the screenshot you just posted, that condition will always be true, because the data in that column contains extra characters. You probably want instead Status doesn't include Completed

Your other filter was Completed is not true.
You didn’t show what that column looks like, so I can’t comment on whether or not that is correct.

But, as Jeff mentioned, if you are using a Choice component to filter, then you probably need to be filtering using Screen Values.

The alternative would be to target the choice component at a User Specific column and build a filter condition around that.

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Thank you. It seems to have been solved with Screen Value. However, like the image, if you do not select in the Choice function, the whole thing should come down, but it doesn’t appear. How do I get them all out?

Create an empty column in your data that will never be filled. Then add an OR to your filter that will also check if that empty column is equal to the screen value of the choice. If the empty column and the choice are both blank, then if should show all rows.

Another thought that I normally use is to create two separate inline lists. One list will have a filter and the other will not have a filter. Set visibility to show each list depending on if a choice is selected or not. So if you do not have a choice selected, it would show the list with no filters. If you have a choice selected, it would show the list with the filter. But actually, I might have to try using that first method myself, since it prevents the need for multiple inline lists.


I don’t know if I did it correctly as you answered, but I’m not sure it’s because I don’t understand. Could you please attach an image?

Jeff gave you two options, which one did you use?

Is it working?
If not, show how you set it up and we can guide you further.


it’s recorded

Okay, I’ve watched that a couple of times. A couple of observations:

  • Your choice component is targeted at the Status column in your Projects table. This means that you are most likely overwriting existing values in that table (probably in the first row) every time you make a choice. You should target that at a User Specific column, so that a) it doesn’t disturb existing data, and b) multiple users can use it at the same time without tripping over each other.
  • I see that you have two online lists on the screen. You only show the configuration of one of them, and it definitely doesn’t look right. But it’s difficult to say what the correct configuration should be as it’s a bit hard to follow.

Maybe @Jeff_Hager will see something that I’ve missed. Failing that, is there any possibility that you can make a copyable version of your app available? If I can see it in front of me, I’m confident that I could sort it out fairly quickly.

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How about a copyable version? Should I invite you? Or do you send me the link address?

Go to Settings → Sharing, and tick the box below.

Before you do that, please check to make sure there is no private or sensitive data in your app.
If there is, please send it to me privately - this is a public forum, so once you post a copyable link here, anyone can copy your app.

Okay, here is what you need to do.

On that screen, you have two inline lists.

The first Inline List:

  • Remove all the filter conditions that you have now, and replace with a single filter:
    • “where Status is screen → Status”

The second Inline List:

  • Remove all filters
  • Add a visibility condition:
    • “where status is empty”

The effect of this will be:

  • If you select any status option from the choice component, the first list will be filtered by that status, and the second list will be hidden
  • If you don’t select anything from the choice component, the first list will be hidden and the second list will be visible, with all projects shown.

I believe this is what you were after?

I’ll send you a private message with a link to a copyable version with the above changes made.


Finally solved it. Perfect. thank you.

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