Need help - Creating a filter with a choice button

Thought this would be easy and have tried duplicating exactly what I have seen in how-to videos but to no avail. Just want to be able to filter this list of items on one column but having a difficult time doing so. Here is a recording if someone can help

1.) that choice component for your filter needs to write to a user specific text column (let’s call it sportChoice)
2.) set visibility of each list where sport is screen > sportChoice

Here is a post that might help:


really appreciate your help and love your videos by the way! my choice isn’t writing to the new column like yours does in the video. i guess the search bar will have to do the trick. thank you for reaching out though.

@Robert_Petitto : tu es mon héros :star_struck:
Merci pour tes vidéos et ton anglais que je comprends (un peu!)

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