User Specific Data not easily viewed/modified

Hello folks, I’d like to use user specific data (ex. check box saying that they re signing up for something) but then I’d like to see who signed up by generating a list.

The problem I see is that when I create a user specific column on a page that data lives in glide not the spreadsheet (somehow the row id column that gets added is utilized). So the only way to see if they checked it is to “view as that user” in the glide gui.

Any ideas how I can better see who selected that box and possibly clear all of those check marks?

it seems like there is no way to add a checkbox on one page that would be tied to a user’s profile page column. That would have solved the problem. The Form button allows you to modify data on another page but that isn’t quite a simple as checking a box.

User specific columns aren’t really meant to allow you to view all results at once. As you noticed, you can preview as each user, which isn’t ideal. I believe you can also export the data, which will email you a spreadsheet of the data with additional sheets that show the user specific values for each user. Still not ideal and it’s not live data. You would have to do the export each time.

Instead, if you are not viewing the details of a user profile row and instead you are viewing the details of a row in a different sheet, then you have a few options, but first create a template column that returns the signed in user’s email from the the user profile sheet. Then using a relation column, link that template value to the user profile sheet.

  • One option is to make sure your relation is a multiple relation. Then add an inline list to the screen that uses that relation with the checklist layout that has the checkbox pointing to a checkbox column in the user profile. This would quickly allow you to directly set the check value in the profile instead of a column in the sheet where you are currently viewing the details.
  • Another option is to make sure your relation is a single relation. Add a checkbox to the screen that fills your existing user specific column. Then add a button with a Set Column action that takes that user specific value and uses it to set the value in the user profile through the single relation.
  • Another option is to make sure your relation is a single relation. Then simply add an ‘Acknowledge’ button that sets a value in the user profile through the single relation. Just like the above suggestion, but the only difference is you manually set the value that you want to write in the Set Column action instead of passing a value from another sheet column. This method doesn’t need a user specific column.

Whichever method you choose, the whole point is to get that checkbox value into separate rows for each user. Since it sounds like you want it in the user profile, then any of the 3 methods should work for you. Keep in mind that the checkbox value in the user profile should NOT be user specific.

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Jeff, Really appreciate the time to draft this up. I’m trying to implement it but having difficulty. The template column is able to pull the current users email address. I’m able to use that to create a relation back into the user profile page. At this point though the relation seems to be in the wrong direction. Whenever I use the relation I can view the existing data in the user profile but I can’t get this checkbox on this page to write to a column on the user profile. The set column commands allow columns on this page to be set to values from the user profile using the user> values at the end of the list.

I think I’m close but not quite there yet. What am I missing?

For clarification, which of the three methods are you attempting to do? Also, do you have the relation set up as a single or multiple relation?

Screenshots of what you have so far would help a lot.