Per User Checkboxes on Page Layout

I’ve been reading through this topic Individual progression bar and it looks like there’s a way to set checkbox values for individual users in my app.

But I’m hoping that there’s a simpler solution, for a slightly different use case.

The detail page of my app shows a video tutorial and I want users to be able to tick off steps that they’ve completed as they watch the tutorial. That means that putting my checkboxes in a form button is far from ideal because when the user opens the form button, they’ll lose their place for the video.

However I don’t need to do any data aggregation. I simply need users to be able to check the checkboxes independently so I’m hoping that means I can use a different solution.

I’d also like to avoid having to make the app login only because that’ll put some people off using it. So I’m look for a way to either not rely on knowing the logged in user or to only ask users to log in if they try to use the checkboxes - replicating the behaviour of favourites.

Is this possible?

Not quite yet, especially if you want to keep your app public, but there is a new feature in the works that I hope is getting closer to release. It’s a User Specific Data column type that would store unique values for each user in the same column. I’ve been anxious about this one, because it would make things so much easier.

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