Using check boxes for individual users to personally track progress

Hey everyone! We are working with to develop free apps for adult education students to help them in self-guided study for things like the GED. We’d like students to be able to check off the items they’ve completed within the app for their own tracking purposes; however, it appears the check box feature is mainly designed for group tracking of items and, once a user checks a box on the app, the associated content disappears from the underlying data.

Any suggestions for how a user would be able to check off things where it does not impact the underlying data?

do you REALLY want the CHECK box?

or just a way for them to keep up with their progress.

I am working on this app - go ahead and copy -

The user “submits” an assignment and it moves up to a list of things done.

Your app is really coming together!

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Also. My link is a test app. Feel free to submit.

Also, in the menu is my grading app. Hidden when I go public.

Feel free to grade your own assignments.

So, instead of using a checkbox, you achieve the same result by submitting a form. Did I get it correctly?

Thanks for sharing your app.

yes, page one has the list of ‘assignments’ in my case.

Student submits form, It gets marked as ‘done’ and moves to another list. (I look at this list and ‘approve’ each submission (that moves to the third list of ‘submitted AND approved’

In the linked app - you can see what the TEACHER sees by going to the menu and choosing GB App.

Play around, you cannot break anything.

or copy for yourself.

Other than the above solutions, you would have to create checkboxes for each email address and filter by signed in user, so each user gets the chance check off their own items.

I also have a Task example in that’s probably similar to @spencersRus’s example.

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User Specific Data (coming out soon) will solve this. Watch for the announcement!


Would that also reduce the amount of rows it takes up to submit an entry for a task? That’s what I’m running into… I have to clear the response form to make room, and then that means I lose the data from previous assignments and I have to manually adjust the XP that was automatically added for each task they submitted.

@Mr_Watkin if I understand what you are asking, I don’t think User Specific columns will work in your case. At least not for now…

This is an interesting solution. Given there are hundreds of videos in the app, I’m going to see if I could do something similar, but have the “Completed.”