How to have multiple users access a public app and get specific results

I have a simple app which has a set of rows of information with columns such as Year, Subject. For each Year and Subject, there are specific classes with their times.
I have configured the layout such that when a user makes two choices, one for year and one for subject, the rows for that year and subject will be shown.

It works fine when I do it. But, since I dont want it to be a public with email app, but just a public app, is it possible for multiple users to do the selection of year and subject and get their own specific results.

I have a Users sheet, but since it is public, every user will only see the first row. So, how can each user make selections of Year and Subject of their own?

I dont want to make it public by email, since I don’t have any use for email login. It is just a simple search functionality.

The app is at

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You can do this with User Specific Columns

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But, this will require Sign in with email. Can something like this be done with a public app?

Yes, it can.
Enable sign in and set up your user profiles sheet, and then change the privacy settings back to public.


Awesome. Thanks!

Doesn’t even really need to be a user profile sheet, so you wouldn’t have to bother setting one up. User specific columns can be used on any sheet. Like your screenshot mentions…user specific columns can be used on public apps. It just wont save the values once the user closes the app.

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oh, yeah…

Although, there is a good reason to do this anyway. Because you can then create a few dummy users and use those in the builder to see/test the effect of the user-specific columns.

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