Visibility Public/Only me options

Hi Everyone,
I am creating a Public App with a password, and I am looking for a method for every Signed-in user to control the visibility whether their products’ info is (Public: anyone can see) or (Only-me can see)?

  • Without using the ROLE method.

Thank you in advance.

Have you tried filtering data or using row owners?

@Pablo_Miguel_Martine Once the user adding his products’ row that already protected by “row owner”, no one can see and filtering is not helping, so I want a method to switch to public.

Maybe you can do an array of the users sheet into a new sheet, copying the values you want to be public. So when a user creates a profile he can add all the values that will remain private, for the profile page for instance. And then you can do an array of the name and phone number for example so other users can see this info

@PabloMFalero I would appreciate if you could explain how can I use array for this.
Thank you.

If you go to the templetes and open the employees templete you have a good example. Copy the app and open the spreadsheet. You have profiles private and profile’s public tab, the public is an array from the private. I hope it helps you. If not, get back to me and I’ll help you with whatever you need

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There’s no clean way to use a public/password app with roles/user profiles. The only way to really do this is to set up the app as though you were using user profiles and then switch it to public afterwards. Even then, since users aren’t providing their email, a user profile row won’t be automatically created for them—you’d need for them to complete an onboarding form of some type.


Many thanks @PabloMFalero @Robert_Petitto , it works now :grinning:

What I applied was the following:

  • “Sheet_1” has private info by applying “ROW OWNER” for the Email column.
  • “Sheet_2” will be created by “=ARRAYFORMULA()” or “=IMPORTRANGE()” to switch the private info to public info (including the Boolean column to switch between Public/Only_me, True/False filter)

What was confusing me that I was importrange only the “ID column” and then apply a relation but this way reflected also the ROW OWNER from the 1st Sheet to the 2nd one.

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Glad it worked @Ahmed_Saif !!