Public app with sign in option

Anyone managed to provide a public app with a dedicated sign in/up button. Therefore you have a public app that anyone can see albeit with limited information, however if they sign up/in then they can view more data/information controlled by visibility.


I was wondering the same thing today and thought to play with this next week.
Need to figure out how to filter data without the email as the identifier

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@Rosewebstudio I’m doing a project to play with this. I was thinking something like:

Public app - sign in button

Form - informations and email required*

When the email shows in the sheet, you can filter the visibility when “email” is not empty. Let’s try it out!

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I wish filtering and visibility by signed in user would still work when privacy is set to Public. Since the sign in option is available when the hamburger menu is visible, I don’t see why we couldn’t still access the app publicly and only show certain components when the user is signed in. It would be great to also restrict editing and adding to signed in users if the Email Special Value is being used.


I need this, so please keep me posted if you find a solution, been scratching my head for about a month now, getting frustrated, hey ho the joys of no code. There must be a solution just can’t figure it out. Cheers :beers:


:100: %

If you figure out I will buy you a beer or two :beer: well a virtual beer :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll try dev something and I show you

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If you can do it I will be so impressed

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There is an option to ‘Call’ the login page when a user favorites something.

I had a workaround idea, but couldn’t make it work yet, maybe you could help out:
I set my app to public.
I created a ‘My profile’ tab and in it I put an item with ‘is favorite’ option, and once a user clicks it - the login page appears.

(I got stuck, because I tried removing this ‘is favorite’ item after login and it didn’t work)

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I submitted something similar that basically asked if it was possible to force the login screen for any Boolean field that is tied to a user-specific column (like the is-favorite switch). This would help a lot I think.

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@D_J I would probably get rid of the favorite component you added and check the below.

I’m still waiting to hear back if this can officially be supported or if the workaround will be supported long-term, but hopefully this helps.

Here’s how to get signed in user info into every record in your sheet.

I definitely think this would be a helpful feature. We are creating a video app for ESL learners, and because of the current climate on immigration, these students often are very wary of supplying their email addresses. We want to have open access to content, but to also have the ability for learners to be able to track what they’ve done (once signed in).

To be in compliance with copyrighted laws, optional (not forced) login technically is necessary for educators who wish to include third-party content accessed via the app that is free but is not openly licensed. If login is only required in order for the learner to track their progress but users can still access the content without a login, this gets around that issue.


So glideapps is mainly for private webapps? Not easy to use it for public listings?

Would your users sign in for your “public listing”?

No, i would like to create a site that displays data to not signed-in users.

You can do that.

“Users” that browse your App and never sign in are considered visitors. You can have unlimited visitors on any Glide plan.

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