Where is public app no email option?

I am trying to make my app completely public - no email addresses required and no sign in screen with the hamburger menu on top left. I only want the information icon with the ability to share but I cannot find a completely public option. What am I missing?

Your privacy settings look good. In the past, as long as you didn’t have any additional tabs in your hamburger menu, then the option to sign I was not visible. Do you happen to have any tabs in your hamburger menu?

Not as far as I can see…




Thanks! I didn’t see this option before, but now it will not let me click “no sign-in required”. It automatically selects the same settings you have checked and reverts back to private when I try to change it. Any other thoughts?

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Oh yeah. Facing the same issue. Santiago ( @SantiagoPerez ) are you able to help here?

Yeah, that’s broken.
I do know that Glide are still fine-tuning this one, so I expect it’ll be fixed soon enough.


You can use optional sign in. It will let anyone sign-in and will be public.


Which option should I choose after selecting optional sign in?


Choose “Users in the users table”

I know that implies that users need to be added before they can sign in, but that’s not the way it works. Anyone will be able to sign in. It’s a bit misleading/confusing, I know. I believe that a future update will make it easier to understand.