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Hi there! I am trying to get rid of the login page because I donʻt want to require people to provide their email addresses. I went to my settings, but this is what it shows.

Is this a visual bug you mentioned last week @Darren_Murphy ?

Edit: Found the post.

Only Pages have ‘No sign in’ option.

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No, slightly different issue.
Previously, the option for “Anyone” was not there when selecting Optional Sign-In.
So you were forced to choose either “Users in Team…” or “Users in user profiles…”.
But the “Anyone” option is there now, so that’s all good.

This one is about having the “None” sign-in option that we have in Pages. And as David pointed out, that’s not available with Apps. I was told the reason for this is because there are a number of features in Apps that require that the user is signed in.

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This is a recent change right? If I recall right, I did have some apps with no sign-in back in the days.

You know what Thinh, you just forced me to go have a closer look. In the past few days or weeks, I’m not too sure, I had the feeling I was seeing different UI’s of privacy from one app to the next. I was so confused. I must have missed a feature release or an announcement.

I finally had a closer look. It seems that depending on the team the app belongs to – new team or older team – the privacy UI is different.

Privacy UI for a new app in an older team
I personally like this, the radio buttons make sense to me, it’s just one choice.

Privacy UI of new app in a new team
This feels like a tree, to me this is slightly confusing. Now I feel like I have to think and double-check all the options. But it’s probably just me, I’ll get used to it.

It does feel slightly confusing to me at first, with the original bug Darren mentioned in the linked thread. Maybe I got too used to the old UI, just like you.

Yeah, I think so also.