Sign in button only

I want to allow an admin/owner of an app to sign in to perform certain actions, like send push notification, delete records etc - you get the gist.

If I enable the optional sign in on a public app two buttons are enabled/displayed Sign up and Sign in. I only want to show Sign in
I don’t want anyone signing up or thinking they can sign up.

What would make me and app owners happy
Give me the option to hide the Sign up button and just show the Sign in button

Thanks :pray:

This is actually a bug, and a known issue.

Tristan has said they will fix it, but no timeline given. Maybe it will come when the new sign in page options drop? :man_shrugging:t3:

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Thanks for that.

Apologies I wasn’t aware it was a bug.

I have never seen it where we had just a sign in option so assumed it was something which has been overlooked.

Let’s see if it does come as part of the custom sign in screen. :crossed_fingers:

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Yeah it’s a bit of an edge case, and so not one that you bump into very often. But as you noted, it creates a poor (and confusing) user experience.

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Will keep my close eye on this one as pretty fundamental to what I am trying to achieve for both myself and clients.

Appreciate your insight in this, very helpful

I have voted on this as well. Another issue that it causes is that it eats up on the allocation of public users because once a person has signed up whether you want them to sign up or not, they are counted as a public user.
The public user quotas were drastically reduced and therefore this would really help us to protect the little that we have. I hope they expedite this and fix it if it really is a bug.

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