Can I remove the "Sign In" option from my public app?

My app’s URL: and also

I have an app I created a few weeks ago: the rpgkc one that is public and does not provide the user an option to “Sign in”. I just created a new app, the longviewfarm one, that is also public, but it does come with a “Sign in” option. Is that “Sign in” option a recently introduced bug? If not, is there a way I can remove it? This is a public app with no options for commenting or favoriting, etc.


Have you checked the Privacy section of your app to ensure that it is indeed Public, and not Public with Email?

Sign in shows in the hamburger menu if you have a tab in the menu. Otherwise the menu is not visible and there is no way to open it and see the sign in. It’s always been this way since the menu was introduced, so not necessarily a bug or a new but at that. It agree that it could be handled better, but your only option at the moment is to not put any tabs on the menu.

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Hi Jeff, I thought that might be the answer. Yes, in the app that has the sign in option I have one tab in the menu.

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I suggested an enhancement to the Privacy model to have more control over this.

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