Hide Sign-in Option

This may be a dumb question, but I have a public app which uses the app menu. I don’t want users to sign in (it’s a purely informational app). Is there a way to hide the sign-in option that appears on the top of the app menu?



I don’t think there is a way to hide it at this time.

I would also very much like to hide that screen. My app is also public and people back out when they see the login screen …


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When you post a comment, the login screen is taken, when you bookmark it, the login screen is taken, so the login screen that appears as soon as the application opens with public access with email does not make sense.

It would be more useful to have a button where you can link the login screen. So when accessing a screen that really needed to login, it would create a button for this purpose.

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I need the login form, so please, do not remove it without an option such as a login button that we can put anywhere in any screen, even for public app :blush:


Da para esconder usando um código em HTML, cria um Rich Text e coloca

Código:.nav-bar-root button{visibility:hidden;}#tabBar{visibility:hidden;}

E vai em Features coloca “nome” is empyt, aqui funcionou, o ícone menu some e não tem como entrar nele.!



I use the Favorites button to force a log in.
The UX is terrible but it does the trick.

AMAZING !!! This way we can play with the interface… wow !

How so? Can you share a screen?

É, também não entendi.

I have added it in this template: https://go.glideapps.com/app/g6N326SehmFqeP0LcqCi-template
Just setting the visibility of the link to screen button based on the favorited column.


Nice One! Can you do the same trick and make phone number mandatory in shopping cart when processing payment with stripe without shipment information?

When do they see the login screen if the app is public? Or are you talking about the sign in option in the menu, it the sign in when commenting it favoriting?

Hi, Jeff
It is a public app and I don´t need anybody sign in for nothing at all (no favorits, no coments…) but when some people see the screen with de sign in option they feel confusing. And I don´t know how hide this option in the menu.

thanks for your interest!

This is de app: https://2rxhi.glideapp.io/

Screenshot_2020-05-13 Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets|246x500

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Have to make a user-specific column to accept phone number.

Sorry, I can’t provide any help. Any time the menu is shown, the sign is option is there. Favorites and comments/chat also require sign in since that days is stored in the server and needs a signed in user email to attach to. You could tell the users that the sign in is for administrators only.

Thanks, Jeff.

I will do so

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Yes but how to do that when using a public app?

@nvandable You can create user specific columns on public apps. It just won’t save the data once you close the app. For a situation like obtaining a phone number, you only need it to be temporary anyway.

Hello Christophe, what is your use case for a login in public app? How do you use this features?