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I know this topic already had several discussions @Christophe_HK @AntonioSanchez @ThinhDinh … but one more time:
We changed the settings of our app from “public with email” to “public” just to eliminate the first entrance barrier. Now our clients who already registered and have the app icon on their phones don’t see if they logged in or not and only after several steps when they want to order chosen goods they see the prompt “sing up or log in”. They have to go way back to the app menu to sign in. It’s a frustrating experience.

Even if you know about this issue - you can leave the app just as it is or you can close it before leaving.
So when you come back you have to open the menu just to see you are logged in or not.
Also, many people just don’t see or don’t understand that it’s a button and not just an invitation.
I would vote for an additional action for a button component “Sign in” or at least more visible indication when you open the app - you are logged in or not


Vote for it https://features.staging.glideapp.io/

Done! :blush:

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Nice one :point_up:

If you are using user profiles, it would be easy to display some text on the home screen that says Welcome name, or if the aren’t signed in and the resulting user profile name or email is empty, you could then display text that says please sign in to order. Or maybe you set visibility based on user profile email to not let them get too far into the app before signing in.

Jeff, thanks for your recommendations, sure I have this kind of reminders but it could be better if below the reminders were buttons “sign up or sign in” like in most of apps than to send a user to the menu to tap sign in button (also Glide has it on the entrance screen)
Each additional click is matter :slightly_smiling_face:

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