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I’m surprised this featured hasn’t been asked in the past (or at least in the app).

My feature proposal: Add a new action to the button component: Sign-in

This will trigger the Sign-in screen.

Some users can’t figure out that the “Sign in” text in the menu is a link, and I’ve had trouble with users that can’t figure out how to sign in. So if we had the possibility to give a button this capability users will log in easily. :smile:


+1 to this, people are facing the same problem with login workarounds.

I asked for enhancements to Sign In a while back.

It is perplexing that this hasn’t been improved yet, it’s a blocker on a single app that supports public access - no signin, and a public app with Sign In, that you can control Add access.

Currently have to create two apps.

I’d be happy with a tick box in ‘Add’ that only enables if current user is Signed In.

Would love the product team to hear what users have been saying/asking about this for a while,
and improve, as it’s really the only big hole for an early stage product that is so good otherwise.


X3 por favor please make this happen! More user friendly and more easy to implement

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Totally agree with you since from what I’ve experienced, it should be totally possible. I’ve brought up the current workarounds to Glide, so they are aware of the hack that I and others have experimented with. Here are a few ideas on workarounds. The third one I’ve tested and have yet to notice any consequences. As for controlling Add access, you could use a form button instead. I personally like the asthetics of a form button over the +Add button, but now with the User Profiles feature, I’m sure that will open up a whole lot of new features in the future.

Rules/filter support for Add for Lists/Grid, so you can control when the + appears at top.

Have asked for this in the staging app, among other things: