Open glide app with sign in to certain pages

I want all ppl that visit our website to be able to scroll through information pages. I also want someone that signs up to be a member on a call to action button to be able to click the sign-up button, enter their person information and it updates their user profile and from there they are allowed on certain pages and not. How can I have? It update their user profile accurately from a form so they can have certain privileges. I want to continue with the pay wall after that for certain features, but I need to understand the best core practice when it comes to having someone sign up to update their user profile, even when they have not established one yet from an open user

If I’m following correctly, then what you would need to do is use the Glide API to add a User Profile row for the new user.

could you simply walk me through this?

say someone is just on my app and readin g a web page, no sign in nothing yet,

how do they hit a button and fill out a form and then instantly when they are done they are signed in through an api?

maybe i am not explaning this right…I am going to use glideapps for our website as well…so i will not make people sign in to visit our site…but i want enhanced functionality and tabs for people who signup/sing in

Okay, so now you’re starting to make some sense :slight_smile:

I think all you really need to do is make sign-in optional in your Privacy Settings, and you’ll be most of the way there. Anyone will be able to browse your site, and then if they hit the Sign In button they’ll be directed to the Sign In screen.

Then it’s just a matter of setting tab visibility based on the existence of a User Profile row.
If you need to collect additional information from “registered” users over and above an email address, then you might also want an Onboarding Screen that’s shown to users the first time they sign in.

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