hi everyone
I have to add the sign-up option and then those who signed-up can only sign-in. how can I do it
thanks in advance

There is no difference between signing in and signing up in your app… Signing up just creates a new user in your user profiles sheet.

add a button and choose sign in action, than create a users sheet and copy ={b2:b} App: Logins sheet there… after that you can condition elements by referring to Users sheet.

How would App:Logins continue to update the users sheet?

Just create a simple user profiles sheet, and when a user signs in/up, then it will record their details on App:Logins and the user profiles sheet.

={‘App: Logins’!B:B}

Why are you doing that instead of creating a user profiles sheet and configuring that as your user profiles sheet?

you dont have that option in public App

Yes you do. Configuring a user profiles sheet is always possible.

nope, not anymore, you would have to have public with email checked, i was dealing with tis problem few days ago, when creating Code BOOK app

I have a public app and I just checked and there is nothing preventing me from designating a sheet as my User Profiles sheet.


there is no more log in option or editing profile when App is set to public

Add a sign in action

Or add tabs to the menu

yes, but it will not create option to assign Users sheet

It will. Have you tried previewing as a logged in user?

I am able to do everything (assign User sheet, sign in from menu) on my Public app.


nothing is changing

Add tabs to your menu, then click sign in

This is the About screen. This is not the sign in screen nor the Profile screen.

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Here’s my public app:

It’s possible.

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