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I have an app that signin method set to public (no pin / email required). however, on my google sheet, there is a tab called App: Logins that looks like it is requiring people to sign in with a pin. I do not have to use a pin to sign on but it looks like others are doing so.

What am i missing? can i just delete that tab on my google sheet?

thanks in advance!

Are the users clicking on the sign in button in the menu, or using favorites, or using comments or chat?

There are no favorites, comments or chat function in my app. They are not using the signon in the menu either.
can i simply delete the login tab on my google sheets?

You can try. It’s just an auto generated log sheet of app sign-ins that glide provides for your record. It doesn’t affect anything. Not sure if it would regenerate again if somebody attempts to sign in.

Sorry to hijack, but I kinda have the opposite problem.

I am using the menu, and know I can’t remove the SignUp option.

So people can signup however I can’t find the App: Logins so have no idea who is signed up.

Given I can’t remove the option it would be good to be able to send them an email saying “Hey, you are early” or something.

Anyone know how to get the tab back? I can still login with no App:Login.

So you accidentally deleted that tab from your spreadsheet?

Never had it, as far as I know.

Can you try duplicating the app and login to see if there’s a tab showing up at the end?

Tried that. Tried swapping the app to Public with Email and back.

Still not there :frowning:

That’s strange. Can you check if there are any hidden tabs in your sheet? Not sure what’s the problem here, even if it’s a public there should still be a sheet to write logins.


Aha, you are a genius !

App:Logins and App:Comments were hidden :man_facepalming:


early on in my testing, i tried out requiring a login and then turned it off. could it be that there is a flag somewhere that did not get reset?

I have deleted that tab from my sheet and will watch to see what happens. thanks for the help Jeff…

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If you were using sign in in prior testing, then that’s most likely when the sheet was created. The sheet won’t go away once you make the app public. Again, it’s only a log of past sign ins. It’s not used by glide and it’s only there for your reference.

Thanks for the response Jeff.

that is what i thought at first as well. but i continued to get rows added as new people signed on. i removed the tab from my sheet and today the tab is back with a signon (someone who had signed on previously before i deleted the old tab).

it is as if the App seems to think that I am requiring logins.

is there a way i can share the app and sheet with you privately so you could take a look?


If you want, you can PM me a link to your app. I’m guessing you have the side menu showing and people are clicking on the sign in option to still sign in, even though you aren’t requiring it. That, or for some reason, it keep registering people that are already signed in, even though it shouldn’t. Only when a pin is sent.

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Thanks for the offer Jeff - I appreciate your offer… BUT i cannot find a PM link for you. i suppose i could post link to app and then delete it after you take a look.

let me know -


You set your profile to hidden :laughing:


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Ahh, how about now? I think I was trying to cut back on questions asked via private message or something like that.

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