App Privacy setting "Public with Email Not working

I Checked the setting for Public with Email sign in, with google sign in option with collect real user emails. However, The sign in screen does not show up and emails are still collected, while the “Logins” tab in google sheets remains empty. Can anybody tell me if this is a bug? It started to happen after the new update for glideapps. Our is anyone having the same issue?

Have you configured a User Profiles sheet?

It was all working earlier today fine. I had a user profile sheet setup and a tab within app where they can creat their own profile (if that’s what you mean), but it all went pieces and nothing worked no matter what I did. I had a copy of the same app and that is working fine. But for some reason with the same set parameters the original app does not want to function accordingly.

Thank you Darren for trying to help me out.

Yes, sortof.
Specifically what I mean is do you have the following configured?


Thank you Darren this helped alot and lead me to get it figured out.