Sign in Action Button

Is it me or is the sign-in action not working for buttons?

Works for me.
How are your app privacy settings configured?

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I tried with both public and public with email.

It won’t work with Public with email (because the user won’t see anything until they sign in). But it should work with Public.

Are you testing from the builder, or via a mobile device?

It doesn’t work for me via the builder, but if I publish and test with my phone, then it works as expected. (I don’t know whether or not that is expected behaviour)

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Nope, not working from the mobile side. Should I have something else set up in glide?

Also, my sign-in sheet isn’t populating in the data glide editor even though I see it in Google Sheets.

Have you enabled User Profiles?

The documentation says you have to have Public with email set up, even when I do that and I click sign in, there is no option to select a sheet.

hmm, that doesn’t seem right.

You need to do that while you’re in the Layout View

Ah, got it! Thanks!

And should a users profiles sheet be created separately from the automatically created login sheet? Or can the login sheet be made into the user profiles sheet?

I’m not aware of any automatically created sheet - I’ve never seen that before.

But, as I understand it you can make any sheet your user profiles sheet, as long as it has the appropriate columns defined.


great thanks!

Is there a reason why my user profile sheet isn’t coming up as an option? I added Row IDs and entered some data.

I can’t think of any (obvious) reason.
Maybe a screen shot of what your User Profiles sheet looks like in the Data Editor?

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I found out, I didn’t have an avatar column, is that necessary? I don’t really want users to upload images.

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I believe all 3 of email, name & avatar are necessary. If you don’t want to use avatar, just don’t add a component for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

but the default “blank face” image will always appear correct?

Yes, I’m not aware of any way to get rid of that.
But you could always replace it with a randomly generated image.

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Oh or maybe I can create column in google sheets that automatically enters my logo into that image column whenever a new name and email is added?

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