User Profiles in Glide Not Displaying

I’m following the instructions in this video by Glide, but for some reason, it’s not even giving me the option to select a sheet when clicking on Sign In.

Here’s a quick video to show you what’s happening on my end.

I do have a Users sheet in Sheets as well with Name, Email and Photo.

When I do select a tab, and then try to activate it through Visibility, it gives me this message below.


I changed the settings last night to Sign in with Public Email.

Seems like you did not click the top most icon on the left bar. That should lead you to the option to choose the Sheet.

Just tried it and it still doesn’t work.

You’re on this one?

Ahhhh, didn’t realize I was supposed to be in Layout mode. Is that also why Visibility was greyed out for tabs? And did they mention that in the video and I just missed it?

You still need to enable User Profiles first. That’s why visibility is greyed out. But you need to be in Layouts to edit anything not Tab related…like adding user profiles.

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Ok, just rewatched that segment of the video, and I guess I should have seen that it was on Layout Mode on the left. Was thinking it might be helpful to mention that to prevent users from getting confused on why it’s not showing up. Or, maybe Glide could force the sidebar for User Profiles to open when clicking on the Sign In icon no matter what mode they’re in, whether it’s Layout, Tabs, etc.

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Just curious… when I enter in my app URL for posting a bug, is that URL viewable by everyone in the community, or only by the Glide team?

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Everybody can see it. It’s just preloaded text depending on which category you chose. Since you chose Bugs, it preloads the textbox with text asking for a url. It’s usually easier to get help if you post an app link so anybody in the forum can try your app, get a better visual of the problem, and provide feedback. You’re not required to fill it out, but a lot of times people ask questions with no context, so it makes it easier to avoid asking 20 questions back and forth just to get to the root of the problem.

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Yeah, but if it has confidential info, I guess I shouldn’t post it, right?

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That’s entirely up to you. Nobody is forcing you to share confidential information or links to anything. My app is whitelisted to a few users, but I never share the URL and any screenshots have personal information redacted.

Just want to clarify. This is a public forum. Unless a Category is locked to a certain level of user, everything is visible to everyone unless you Private Message a specific person or group of people.

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