Support for My App

My app is not allowing me to log in with google. It says This email does not have access to this app. Please try another. image

It’s been like this for 20 mins or more. This needs to get fixed, this is interrupting me doing my work.


Is this a Private Pro app, by any chance?

No, it’s not a Private Pro App. It’s just the free version, it’s a free app.

Do you mind sharing the link to your app, and I’ll try it?

I can’t share the app, it’s for our school district. It’s for privacy concerns.

Okay, so what do your Privacy Settings look like?
And have you configured User Profiles?

Yes, the app is Public with email.

And you’ve ticked the box to allow sign-in with Google, yes?

(Apologies for asking obvious questions, but just going through a process of elimination)

Yes, I have.

Okay, I’m running out of ideas.
You may be best to contact Glide Support (

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Have you tried logging in with incognito mode?

No, I have not.

If you’re trying to login with an organisation email ( that may not work. Your organisation might block access to specific apps (or third-parties apps). Try to login with your personal gmail account and see if it works.

Happens to me also with my orgs. account.

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The thing is, I have another app about the same. It allows me to login to that one but not the main app I use. So it seems weird.

I have also logged in with my school email for this app before multiple times.

Ok try to do a hard refresh :

You may also want to delete the app from your phone and download it again.

Hopefully this will help !


Did you manage to make it work ?

We show the error “this email address does not have access” when there are any errors signing in, including when there’s a network error.

This is likely an issue with your browser or network blocking the login. Try logging in on a different Internet connection—maybe your school network is blocking it.