Glide App logging issue, How to add users?

Hi Guys,

I am new to this app. I have shared my app link for signing in.
I have kept logging in with google but still showing " The email address doesn’t have access to this app."Please try another.

I tried to make google sheet data but that is also not working.
Kindly help me with it.

What sort of privacy settings do you have configured for your app?

The option Public SIGN-IN is not coming.

We have purchased Pro APP.

Kindly find the

below screenshot.

The sheet which is created Access given Email Id is not working.

I am not able to sync.

Is that “Access given Email ID” sheet pre-populated with the users’ email addresses? Can you confirm that they are entered properly without typos or spaces at the end of the email addresses?

I am confused. It is not showing in the User part.
It is not coming here User profile and while selecting the sheet

I just got access. I am able to logging.
Thank you so much Shchc. it was a mistake of space.