How do I get data on my users?

Where do I go to get data on my users? Their email address? Number of Users? so on…

I assume you’re using a public with email app?

You can capture their email address using a User Profiles set up. Make a sheet for it, and when new users log in to your app their email will be automatically entered as a new row.


I use Public. I don’t want users to have to give me their email before entering into the app. But if they favorite something or add something they have to submit their information.

How do I get access to this information?

The app: logins sheet should give you the user emails. I think the only way to see favorites data is to preview as that user and view the favorites column on the data editor.

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Thank You. Can tell me where I can find the logins sheet? I began creating a users sheet as instructed by the Users profile but I think that may only work with Public + email.

I appreciate your help.

User Profiles should work with public apps I believe.

As for app: logins, it should be automatically created as a tab in the Google sheet.

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Great. I will play around with it a bit. Thank You for your help.

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