User acess with Gmail login

Hello everybody, I’m trying to figure out how to preview users in my app. In every tutorial that I saw about users, there is a sheet pre populate with names and emails, and than their access level to the app. But, in my case, I don’t know yet, who will come, my first question is: when login with google is on, this first email address can be stored and used as user’s email? Or is needed to have another login after this first one?
I’m thinking about premium users, to have access at certain features, but I don’t know theirs login and mail before them exist, how could I handle this? :computer_mouse:

Thanks in advance

If you plan to have premium users, have a process to bring a premium value to their user type column.

Let’s say a buy button, if user bought the item then premium else normal.

Right, but when I’m trying to put user profile’s condition, It’s asked a users sheet, but in this sheet I do not have users yet, I can’t make a row owner for example. Probably It’s not hard to get over, but I’m facing difficult here.
In User Profile Menu is needed a sheet source, but I don’t have content yet, cause I don’t know who will come.

Hi. Maybe that work for you

The first step would be to add a button that allows you to login, your app will be public, everyone can see it without registration but in the User tab you will put an option to log in.

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If I understand you correctly, you can enable public with email, then go into the sign in menu and enable user profiles and link that to your profiles sheet.

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Thanks for replying again. Yes, my question is if when someone login with gmail or else, their information will populate each row of this user profiles sheet?

Gracias @Jorge_Valdez , me parece barbara tu idea, pero estoy intentando mantenerlo con acceso publico con mail, pero todavía no comprendo muy bien como registrar los usuarios en una nueva planilla, no lo sé se se hace automático. Me gustaria entender mejor esto.

Yes it will be populated, specifically the email, and it will be only populated once.

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