User login and data privacy

Hi Community.

Just 3 quick questions/confirmations on how the user/data access works and to best way to implement it. Are my below assumptions/guidelines correct/best way to do it ?

  1. Once I switch on public + email, then on every tab/sheet that I want to restrict row accessibility, I should add in the email field and special values → user email (this needs to be manually added to each sheet/table)

  2. When I add the special values → user email component, do I need to FIRST add the column to the google sheet/glide table ? OR will it automatically do it for me ?

  3. Is there a global setting/template that would allow me to automatically add certain columns to any tab I create (special values → user email, created date, unique ID)


To answer your security question, I believe you just need to make the email column Row Owner. That way only the logged in user has access to information in their row.

But that also means nobody else can view any info in that row, so if you want to also have a public profile, you’ll need an array to copy the user profile info (minus any columns of data you dont want shared) into a new Sheet, which youll then use to display the public profiles from.