Help with security issue in user profiles

Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice on this issue as I haven’t been able to find a solution yet. I have a Glide Pro account (public with email).

In my app, I have two types of users, let’s say clients and professionals.

I display the professionals profiles in the app but I want to keep the client data secure. I can’t use Row Owners in the User Profiles tab because then I can’t display all of my professionals profiles. If I use Protected columns for emails, for example, then users can’t share any information between users.

So, I’m not sure how to best secure my app…

The only solution I’ve found is to query the User Profiles tab in Excel to have a copy of it and remove any private fields and use the ‘copy’ as the Public Profiles tab.

Is there a better solution here? I would ideally like to have only one User Profiles tab to avoid confusion. If I accidently edit something in the query tab, I lose everything and have to start over…

Thank you!!

Would it make sense to create a separate “Professionals” sheet, then use Row Owners on your User Profile sheet? Then, you can create a relation from the Professionals sheet (that is unprotected) to the User Profile sheet, so that the Professionals can still access their protected profiles for editing, but other users would only access the data in the “Professionals” sheet (and their own User Profile).

Thanks for your quick reply @kyleheney !

I had tried that a while ago but realized that if I click the user profile from the menu, it only pulled from one tab (User Profiles) for all users. Does that make sense?

No problem.

Yes, the user profiles sheet will contain all users, but if you enabled row owners on that sheet, users will only be able to see/access their own profile information.

Are there many professionals to speak of? Will the amount of professionals increase over time?

Yes, ideally it would grow over time.

There are some ideas thrown around in this thread regarding dynamically changing columns for the use of row owners.

Roles would naturally be an easier solution but I don’t believe they work for Public w/ email.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look.

Yeah, roles are unfortunately only for private apps.