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Hi all, and sorry if this has already been discussed, but I was unable to find it anywhere.

Is there an easy way of capturing the email address (or Google login) of each individual sign in to my public app?

I am not finding an easy way to crate a database of users or even see how many people are using the app.

Thanks in advance.

If you have a google sheet attached to your app, then it will create a record in a sheet call ‘App: Logins’. Also, if you have user profiles set up in your app, then it will also create a row in whichever table/sheet you designate as the user profile table/sheet. It’s all automatic. This will work for all glide plans. Mind you, to collect real email addresses instead of anonymous email addresses, you do have to have a pro account and turn on the option to collect real email addresses.

Awesome, thanks heaps.

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