Private logins and User Info

Hi does anyone know how I can see who has logged into the app?
My app is completely private and I have designed it so only users with an email on my Users sheet can login.
The App tells me how many people have logged in but not who.

Hi can you tell me where in the User table i can see who has logged in please?

The only way to see actual logins is to connect a google sheet to your project. This will create a table in the sheet that tracks each time a user goes through the sign-in process. Meaning each time they go through the PIN request or google authentication. If they remain signed in, then it will not track each time they open the app. Only sign-ins.

Another thought is to use Google Analytics, but Im not sure how well you can track individual users with that. From what I’ve read, it’s overly complicated and not user friendly.

The only remaining option is to build an action process in your app. So, if a user clicks on a certain button or a list item, you could have a custom action that writes the current datetime to the user profile row. You may want to do something with your custom action so it records this date only once a day…just to avoid unnecessary updates.


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