Is there a way to track how many times someone has logged into app?

I’d like to be able to track the volume of use with log ins. I’m guessing there is something obvious in Glide that I just haven’t discovered?

you should have a logins sheet…
or create your own

So I have a sheet with all my users, but i don’t know how often they’ve logged in. What kind of column do I need to add to my database to track it? And I’d attach it to the profile page too I’m guessing?

if you wanna track logins, it happens automatically in the log-in sheet…
to track entry to your app… you have to create a button to do that… you have public access or email?

ok, since mine isn’t tracking automatically then I guess I don’t have a ‘log-in’ sheet. dumb question - how do you set that up then? Its public with real email, pro account.

did you ever log in to your app? if yes… glide will create a log in sheet automatically

OOOOHHHHHHH. It’s only on my actual google sheet that I never look at, not in glide. got it. Is there a way to have in show up in their columns in glide so it’s more organized instead of one long list?

the log-in sheet is hidden in Glide for privacy and security reasons … you can copy that sheet using google formula ={App: Logins!A1:D} and then relate emails to the users sheet

knowing how and where to use code is far above my knowledge level at this point but i’ll go ahead and save that formula for when I can figure that out someday haha :slight_smile: thanks

open a new sheet in google sheets and paste that formula in A1 cell

ok i did

did it copy your logins sheet?

No, was I suppose to do something else before that?

take out the ’ character before =

ok now it says this?

sorry… typo… copy and paste again this one :

={'App: Logins'!A:C}

ok copied! now what do i do?

what is your goal? to track the date of the last login? or count?

more frequency; total # of logins from each user

It looks like I could probably just figure out how to organize this sheet better since it puts them all in one huge row