Is there a way to track how many times someone has logged into app?

you wanna count that in the Glide table or Google sheet? what do you mean by huge row??? did you relate emails, and mark multiple?

Sorry, one huge column. Where a bunch of log ins from same email are not tallied

it shows you each login… now you have to count for emails… if you wanna count in Glide… relate emails in the user’s sheet to emails in the copy of the logins sheet, and select multiple… make sure both sheets has row ID column

So (i’m pretty sure) my new sheet isn’t able to connect to glide. Glide will only connect my original google sheet. All subsequent sheets I had to create in glide tables. It doesn’t allow for syncing anymore sheets beyond the first one. So, I don’t think i can create a relation column to it?

refresh glide editor… you don’t see that new sheet?

not there and wont let me sync anything else?


do you see Sheet 3 there? it will be at the end of TABLES

AH it just showed up!! perfect. Now I can create the relation, finally! Thank you!!

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