Frequency of use data

Hi all,

Is there anyway to know how many times each of our users have used the app? We want to identify our top users.

Go to app:logins sheet in your spreadsheet snd you can identify

If you want to view this through the app example admin guide, you can also create a formula by pulling this information from “logins palette” that counts the amount of access and display with some component in the app.

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I think that only counts logins, if the user is already logged in and they access the app it doesn’t count it

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But i created an app and tested it with two emails and glide wrote 17 users

Also there’s a chance when you published it somebody randomly accessed it, hence the big number compared to unique users.

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App: logins should only write a record when a user signs in (retrieves a new pin). I agree that if a user is already signed in, it will not write a new row in the sheet. I don’t know of a way to track individual user’s unless you require them to check in (submit a form) that would contain their email each time they use the app.

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It would depend on what metric you were looking to track and how intrusive you feel would be acceptable to your users.

For example lets assume you want to track if a given user used the app on a given day and for your users you felt a daily welcome screen containing a one click dismiss button was not too intrusive. This screen could be set to appear at midnight each day and would only require a single dismissal per day per user.

To accomplish this you would have to disable the visibility of all tabs based on the user not yet dismissing the “daily welcome page” which would then force the user to interact with the welcome page prior to gaining access to the rest of the app.

To accomplish this, it would likely require either a form (as mentioned above) which would be more intrusive (as it would require a welcome page and a redirect to the form and a filling out of the form), or you could use some user owned rows to track the “click” (with an increment action for instance).

The caveat to all of this is you would have to likely use some AppScript (the google sheet equivalent to Excels Macros) to both add each day’s “click” to the user specific tally and also reset each “click” a the start/end of each day.


Let me know if you need any examples, I could probably put a demo together pretty quickly.
@Max_Shepherd I decided to give it a try and have a working demo of this using the above strategy.

My setup in brief:

  • Sheets: On the standard users tab i have a column called “Daily Checkin Complete” as well as a column called “Checkin Tally” (make sure this tab has row owners)
  • Sheets, AppScript: A function called “sumTally” which when triggered (see next point) will go down the list of users and add 1 to the current Tally column if the checkin column is non-zero
  • Sheets, AppScripts, Installable Trigger: A trigger which runs sometime between 12am and 1am which runs the above function daily
  • In Glide Designer: Change the visibility of all existing tabs to only display when the checkin column is non-zero (or 1)
  • In Glide: Create your “Splash Page” with whatever content you want which also has an “Enter” button (I used enter to simulate a fresh “login” to the app, but you of course can make it say anything). Set this button to increment the Checkin column by 1 when clicked.

This should give you an ongoing tally of number of days all users have logged in. Of course both the script and the columns in the users sheet could be modified to create more granular metrics than total number of logins if desired.

As I do have a working demo please let me know if you need a hand getting it to work!