Analytics in Glide

Hi folks, Could you please advice me on how the only analytics we have in glide is calculated.
I mean the number of users in the past 30 days. Do you calculate the number of users which runs the app in the past 30 days? or the number which installs the app? Is there any plan in the roadmap to have more analytics in a way or another (GA, core analytics…)? It could help us a lot to drive the communications and the future of our beautiful apps! A good analytics cockpit in glide will for sure help me to turn into the pro version. As you might know analytics is a must have to drive a product or a service. At the moment I feel almost completely blind :wink:
Thanks a lot for your feedback and once again great job gliders!


I second that :smile:


That number you see in Glide is the number of unique devices used to access your app, as reported by Google Analytics.

Glide will of course offer better analytics at some point, but we can’t give you a timeline for that yet.

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Thank you Mark. Happy to hear that

@Mark where can we this number?

It’s on the main screen of where all of your apps are listed.

Thanks. Is there a way to see who ? Even in public apps with hi sign in? Glide probably keep this no,?

I haven’t seen any additional information other than a count. As far as names, the App: Logins sheet contains dates and emails, but it’s probably not exactly what you are looking for.

You can now use your own Google Analytics:

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Really??? this is awsome. is there a toturial on how to do this?