Stats on the free GlideApps version


I have a question regarding usage stats for the free version. I know I can get Google Analytics in the paid version. However, does the free version provide any data? I am not looking for much

When I looked at the dashboard, it said 18 users. And now, it says “A few users”. Not sure what this. Does the user count reset every day? If yes, what time does it happen?

My app is on if it helps.

Hi, welcome to the forum. This will help Number of users

Thank you for the quick response. But from what I understand, the link says the data from Google Analytics. However, since I am on the free Glide version, I do not have GA configured.

TBH, I am not bothered about where this data comes from. My concern is how it went to 18 to “a few users” yesterday to “47 users” today. Is it a cumulative number? Or is it reset daily? I looked here: but that does not give a satisfactory answer.

Or maybe I am missing something?

Glide has their own google analytics account so they keep the basic stats for all apps. Pro would allow you to get more detailed information with your own analytics account.

I’m not sure why it would jump like that unless most of the users were from the very beginning of the past 30 days, so it only showed a few users, then the next day you had several new unique devices using the app. It will be a number that will fluctuate up and down, but most importantly it counts over the past 30 days.

Thank you.

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