How users in Pro apps are measured?

Hey guys,

I have an app in the Pro version consisting of a list of all the restaurants in NYC.

I know for a fact it went viral in some Jewish communities, but the menu says there were only 55 users in the last 30 days.

Can anyone explain how this analytic is measured?

I want to add I use a personalized domain.

Your question is very pertinent because if a restaurant owner requests a report we will not be able to make a graph showing the exposure to the public.

I’m not entirely sure how the analytics work, but here is some additional info on what’s currently available:

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Hey it is relevant as my other apps show users and the number goes up every day, except for this app which is a pro app.

I wasnt asking for any graphs or reports.

I was asking for basic analytics.


Thanks Jeff.

will check it out!

I’m not aware of any differences between Free and Pro apps as far as how statistics are currently measured. If it’s been more than 30 days and several users already have the app installed, the number may very well get smaller. Again, I’m not exactly sure how it all works as I have not seen any good documentation on it other than the link I shared with you. All I know is that is has something to do with unique devices.

I found another older comments: