Number of users

Hi, what does this number of users mean? How many have opened the app? How many have added to their phone? Or something else?

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I am assuming we can use Google Analytics on our own domain?


hi everyone,

i’m a bit confused because yesterday thee were indicated 300 users under the name of my app and today it’s indicated 293 users. How could it be possible if the numbers of users refers to the total unique connections ? Thanks for your help

Hi oum_bibi,

If I am not wrong the number indicates the unique users in the last 30 days for your app, hence the decrease.

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Hi @ThinhDinh , thanks, with your explanation it makes sense !
i was reporting on a daily basis the number of users indicated by glide to see the evolution. Based on your explanations my methodology is not efficient :sweat_smile:

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The user count displayed for each app in the Glide dashboard would be the “count of unique devices that accessed the app in the past 30 days (30 days rolling)”.

I think it is important to distinguish users (based on email or user ID), devices with installs (unique device ID), installs (unique install ID), devices with opens, and opens.

Do you think the user count might actually be “the count of installs in the past 30 days” or “the number of devices that had app opens in the past 30 days”?

Example: In the past 30 days, one app is subject to 2 users, 5 devices, 6 installs, 3 devices with opens, 33 opens.

  • User A installs the app on his two devices A1 and A2.
  • User B installs the app on his three devices B1, B2 and B3.
  • User B uninstalls the app on device B1 and reinstalls it on device B1 (let us say the next day).
  • The app is opened 10 times on device A1, 11 times on device B1, 12 times on device B2.

Does the counter for that app in the Glide dashboard indicate:

  • 2 (for the number of unique users)
  • 5 (for the number of unique devices)
  • 6 (for the number of installs)
  • 3 (for the number of devices with opens)
  • 33 (for the number of opens)

(I have reason to believe the answer might be 6 for the number of installs or 3 for the number of devices where there were opens.)


I have no idea about the internal workings of the count. All I know is that it comes from Google analytics, so it’s however google counts unique users/devices. I don’t know if this is IP based or device serial number. It might be best to do a search on how Google tracks unique devices. I would think that google has no knowledge of the user’s email used, so it’s probably not necessarily user specific. Just unique devices being used in the past 30 days. My first guess would be a count of 5, but I really have no idea. It’s really just accessing a web page within glide, so I assume it’s the number of times that page is hit by unique devices.

As stated in the FAQ:

How does Glide count the number of users of my app? The number of app users displayed on your dashboard is the number of unique devices that have visited your app. If one person opens your app on their laptop, and on their phone, that would count as 2 users in this context, regardless of whether they log in and use your app.

I just launched an app on a free plan set to “Password sign-in”. The counter in the dashboard indicates “10 users”. This app was used by 2 people (only 2 people have the password) on a maximum of 3 devices (we do not own 10 devices between us). So “10” can neither represent the number of unique users, nor the number of devices.

I did reinstall the app a few times though.

My assumption is that “The number of app users displayed on your dashboard is the number of unique devices that have visited your app and a “reinstall” of the app on a device will make this device appear as a different device”. Even though a Glide app is a link.

Is there a chance that somebody visited the link without proceeding past the password prompt?

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Is there a chance that somebody visited the link without proceeding past the password prompt?

That’s a good question, I asked that myself as well.

Off-topic question then: are published apps made public somewhere that would explain that users, other than the two who had the password, visited the welcome page? If so, this might explain a higher count of devices and users than expected :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of a public listing anywhere, unless you posted it in the forum, it’s a common name that somebody simply typed in to see if it’s available, or something like Google somehow scraped it from somewhere and it’s searchable. That’s my best guess.