Counting number of times signed in / last logged in date

Is there anyway to count the number of times the person signed into the app (Public App)? I see the App: Logins tab is created (assuming the “Time” is last login? or “Date created”)

Yes. Just use cointif formula in users sheet to count user emails in login sheet

Oh :man_facepalming: I did not realize that was a “log” - do these rows count towards the account limit @Uzo ?

I was actually looking to use this in the app - giving them “points” for logging in along with other actions they would take

Only rows in users sheet, log in rows don’t count

You won’t find App: logins in Glide, but if you want to use the data in your app you can make a copy of the sheet using a query or similar formula. Couple of things to be aware of though…

  • although App:logins doesn’t count towards your row limit, if you make a copy of it and use it then all rows in the copy will count
  • it only shows actual logins. If a user just closes the app and opens it again a day (or a week) later, they’ll usually still be signed in, and so you won’t see a new login row
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Another approach is to make a button, let’s say “Check in for today” that the user can only click once daily to increment a counter column, it’s not perfect but if we want to give out awards then I think it’s ok to do it that way :wink: