Last User Login Date & Count

I would like to gamify or count when active users log into a pro private app.
It would be nice to reward them with a point every time they use the application so I can see which users are the most active. I created a point system with images that can be tied to the count

How can I capture the last logged in date in the users sheet? It would be awesome to capture this data when they open the app. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance

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I believe the only way to capture this data is to use an Action — create some sort of process that users have to do when they open the app (press a “Start” button or something like that). There isn’t currently a way to capture actions like this “on app opening”, so you need to build it into a process in the app itself.


I would also like this functionality. To be able to see a timestamp of the users last login.

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Using glide as an agency and providing apps for multiple companies it would be really nice to be able to differentiate how much of the private user limit was used by which client.