How to find the no of users logged in to your app


I need to check the no of users logged in to my app ?how

Since the email is anonymous in storing by glide.

What others field can use to find.i have phone number,address field etc.

If I can use the above said field how I could find no of users.

what do you mean by “no of users” ? anonymous ?
add a button in the landing tab to perform an action to collect info


If my email id is ,it’s not stored as in glide users sheet.right?glide stores email id as its own way.

In that sense,how I can find total number of email id which are logged in my app as of now?

May I use that field to find the count?

glide is assigning emails in this format:
so… all you have to do is filter emails by:

So from that what can I get.can I get the total no of signed in users count?
Please add some examples

your English is very confusing…
you wanna count Glide fake emails in the User profile sheet?

No I don’t want to .

I just need how many email users are logged in to my app as of now.

do you have a users sheet?


Tell you an example

I have 5 unique users yesterday
I have the same 5 unique users today

I want to show the total users as 5

And if any unique user comes tomorrow it should show 6.

so count emails… use the Rollup column


It’s showing 9 users in glide table but when I display it in app as a text it’s showing 1.havevused email as row owner?how to solve

you can use the google sheet formula to count role owner rows or duplicate sheet data, without role owner restiction.

You’re not looking for LIVE users though, right? Just total number of user that have ever logged into the app?

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Yes.i need total number of users

The number of rows or emails in your users sheet is the total number of users!
If you have set up user profiles, you dont have to worry about unique as glide takes care of it automatically!

Unless… you added your own rows there… ;-)… or deleted some…

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I’m not worry about unique,I want my app users to show this much of users are in my app using to get products.

Ohh! Then just go with no of rows!