Folder App:Login

Hi, I got a folder App:Login created on the google sheet automatically. But it logged only 12 users until 2nd but many users installed yesterday and it is not showing. Nor number of users downloaded app is showing on the app when I signed into glidesapp.

It was showing in the test app that I created earlier.

  1. I created the test app and gave app name as “”. Then I renamed it to “”. It is showing number of users when I sign into
  2. Then I created another app in a different email address and named it “”.
    It is not showing number of users when I signed into

Please help.

Is your app public, public with email, or whitelist? If it’s public it won’t track logins in the App:Login sheet. Also that sheet will only show a login per user, per device at the moment they request a new pin. Once they are logged in on a device, it is not tracked.

I’m not entirely sure how the stats work on, but I believe it’s similar. I feel like it’s unique users/devices within a 30 day period. If they are already logged in on the device, then the stat doesn’t update.

If you sign into your app with an email you’ve never signed in with before, does it get added to App: Logins?

I have a similar case.

Using another email, from same device is not logged.