User login issue within app

Hi team…

My login with email is issue is not resolved to my pro app…I am very much dissatisfied with the support for pro app …

New big which I found is that in loginsheet I can see around 10 people logged on , but in user profile sheet I can see only 2 email ID…

Why this issue is happening … it is causing bad experiences for my new customers…


Have you contacted Glide’s support email at or here:

Most of your posts have been in regards to speed, but any time I’ve visited your app, I didn’t experience any speed issues. I have not attempted to sign into your app, so I don’t know if there are issues beyond the initial loading of the app, but it would probably help the other forum users if you included any videos and screenshots of the issues you are experiencing. It becomes hard to understand or try to help find a fix for the issue if nobody can see or reproduce what is happening.

As for your new issue with user logins, what kind of bad experiences are the customers having? Can you explain more what is happening and what you are seeing?


Please sigin with your email…once the user sigin in it will not take him to the profile update page …it will just be there in the initial screen only…so in profile page only the email ID will be updated & no other information is updated

Tell me if I missed something here. From what I can tell, it worked as I expected. Are you sure that people aren’t simply signing in, but not completing a profile?

You should see 2 other logins from me from 2 different emails, The first one I backed out without completing a profile, so I can easily see people signing in but not continuing to complete a profile…especially since you have shared the link to your app several times in the forum. The second and third emails did have profiles entered like you see in the following video.


Yes you have done it correctly
…I was thinking that the user was not able to complete the profile as few people informed that they were not able to login … so users would have aborted the profile creation process …

In Google analytics the new users and the number of email in user profile sheet dosen’t match … so was thinking that user is experiencing the issue to logon

I think Google analytics can be a little misleading. Anybody can access your app without signing in, so google may see that as a new user and register it as a new user. If they never attempted to sign in or create a profile, then that could be why you are seeing different numbers.

  • Google Analytics will show every user that arrived to your app, whether or not they actually signed in. This will be your biggest count of “new users” as far as google is concerned.
  • App: Logins will show every user that signed into the app through the sign in process. Every time they perform a sign in by requesting a new pin, this will create a new row in the App: Logins sheet. This will most likely be your second largest count of total rows in the sheet.
  • If you have enabled User Profiles, this will automatically create a row in whatever sheet you designate as the User Profile sheet. This happens only once the very first time a user signs into the app. Any following sign in for that user will not create a new row in the User Profile sheet as it should use the existing row. This will have your third largest count of rows.
  • Finally the total number of users that actually follow through and complete their profile will be your smallest count.

Does this sound accurate, or do you feel that there is still a problem?


@Jeff_Hager is 100% correct as usual. In fact I’m copy and pasting his bullet points into our “saved reply system” for future use by support.


Yes…this is correct …google analytics was misleading…thank you very much.

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I was sent an app to fix and for some reason App: Logins worksheet is no longer in the spreadsheet. When I signup a new user, it does not show up anywhere in the spreadsheet, but the app behaves appropriately. I tried manually adding the App: Logins worksheet, but I don’t see it populating. What can I do here?

So you copied the app over to fix? I think the Logins, Sales and Comments won’t connect with the new app.

Did you check if the sheet has been set as hidden. It’s possible that it’s still there but hidden. I seem to recall this happening so someone once. On the other hand, if you copied the app, it’s possible that glide is excluding it for security reasons.

Since it’s a glide generated sheet, just creating it wouldn’t be enough for glide to automatically fill it. Check to make sure it’s not a hidden sheet.

I checked if App: Logins & App: Sales were hidden, they were not. Yes, this was a copy that I generated from their App home page (the one with the QR-code). So if the worksheets are not there for security reasons, then if I create a new user, shouldn’t then auto generate a new App: Sales worksheet?

When I entered a new user (on the homepage app screen), it went into my clients spreadsheet NOT in my spreadsheet.

I just want to be clear. How did you copy the app? If you alter any other data in the app, does it change in your copy of the sheet or the clients?

@Jeff_Hager you need more broswer tabs :rofl:

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Hehe, just a few more. :wink:

So the client sent me a link to her app, she changed her sharing settings to allow me to copy her app. If I use the app on the link she gave me it adds data to her spreadsheet. If I use the copied app within the glide environment, the whole profile process is a mess. I am thinking it is because the App: Logins is missing from the spreadsheet the copy is using.

App: Logins is only a log of sign ins for your reference. Unless you are using a VLOOKUP or some other formula to pull that data into other sheets, it should have no bearing in how glide works. Glide itself does not use the app logins sheet. It just writes to it as a log.

Can you explain more what you mean by the profile prices being a mess? This is only in your copy of the app? Also what is the original problem you are trying to fix with your clients app?

Ok good to know that is how it is used and does not rely on App: Logins tab having to be there.

When I say a mess, first of all I cannot logout, so I never get to see the actual registration screen within the glide editor. So I am not sure how I can add a user when I have a copy of the app. This one problem causes many other problems to follow. If you can help me solve this problem then I think I am good.

When your say logout, are you in the app editor or are you viewing the copied app via a published url? You can’t “sign out” of the app on the glide editor. It’s always signed in as the user you are previewing as. This makes a lot more sense as the reason why the App: Logins sheet hasn’t been generated. You haven’t performed a sign in that would generate the sheet. You have to go through the normal sign in process when viewing the app through the published url.

If you want to test as a new user, just enter a random email address in the ‘Preview As’ setting. If you want to simulate an onboarding process and are using user profiles, you can simply add the test email into the user profile sheet manually, along with previewing as that test user.

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