New profile ability create bug

hi Glide team,

the new profile component is very nice but it creates a problem as the moment a user sign in not only it adds his email to the sheet called App:Loggin as usual, it nopw also create a row in the sheet where the profile data is created.
in my case this is a sheet which is used for form subbmission so when a user actually submit a form it adds a nother row and then his data is not reflected in the profile section and I get 2 rows for the user instead of one.

is this inteded (which is absolutly wrong to do) or a bug?

link to my app:

Hi @yinon_raviv. This has been answered several times the past couple days:
Login events are wrongly recorded in a sheet

User logins appear randomly on other parts of the app?

didnโ€™t notice, thanks.
trying to remove the message but cant/
waiting for it to be fixed

Which message are you trying to remove?

This one has no reason to keep it while youโ€™re aware of the 8ssue

The more posts that are out there regarding a topic, the more it will pop up in searches when others search for it, so probably not horrible to keep it for the next person that has the same problem.

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