Signing In adds row to Profile

When I sign in with Google - Glide adds a row to my Profile Page.

But I want to gather more information for the profile (Name and Selfie) through a form.

But that puts ANOTHER row in the profile sheet.

Se the last time I logged in as

Also just noticed it adds the email to the next row when I do the email + pin thing.

Yeah…I’ve been thinking about this, too. I decided to show users a homescreen that acts as an onboarding tab that eventually becomes their homepage. If you haven’t yet signed into my messenger app, take a look to see what I mean:

So, what do you do with that ‘stray’ row with JUST an email in it?

I have it going to different column and then deleting it later.

Is there a way that that EXTRA row is NOT added at log in to this sheet?

AHHHHH! You are not using a FORM you are using EDITABLE fields!!! And they are filling it in on the SAME row? Am I seeing this right?

This is what it looks like if they have not put their NAME in yet

Here is what it looks like when they DO put their name in

BUT the sheet still has that same blank line except for the login email

This will only happen if you have a User Profile sheet set. Go to the user profile in the builder and unset the user profile sheet, then it shouldn’t happen again.

Correct…I don’t use a form. I could have also prompted them to click the edit pencil but this way I feel is slicker.

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Then you do not have one of those “unique” columns in the profile page?

I do not. User specific columns, in my opinion, is reserved for sheets that everyone should have access to where the user’s email isn’t recorded per row. eg. a checklist, choice component, (eventually) like component, etc. I also see this working as a way to record personal notes on articles, posts, etc.

eg. An inline list of articles. At the top of the article is a notes component that’s pointing to a “Notes column”. In the past, this notes component, when filled out, would be visible to everyone because the app-user email isn’t assigned to the row that houses the article. However, if you make this column user-specific, each user can fill out the notes component without affecting other users.

sorry, I meant the ROW with a Unique Identifier?

from the FORM:

You do not have this?

Ah…I use it more that I used to…if you want a UUID per user, then use the new(er) RowID column in the data editor…same effect, just no form needed.

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@Robert_Petitto (or anyone)

Can you check my app now?

I think it is working like yours…

Also, can you Submit Assignment 1?

Done. Nicely built! Super slick interface for students. Experienced a weird glitch when attempting to type in my name. The Welcome screen vanished and when I deleted my name the app went white. Probably want to keep the visibility on Welcome until profile isn’t completely filled out.

Also, can students submit assignments more than once? If not, might want to turn your submit button into an unclickable button that says “Submitted” or the like.

All in all, very clean and well thought out.

Oh. It also appears I have access to the GB app too…still building the permissions on that part?

yes, so much is changing that I want to be able to quickly get back and forth and approve and comment.

that will be hidden and moved later (still a lot of work!)


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Thanks! I have been thinking about this and finally figured it out!

I want the button to disappear when the form is submitted!

I think it works now

Hi Mark,

I encountered the same “stray email row” problem as @spencersRus when using Public With Email sign-in, and a form pointing to the User Profile table as the destination to complete the User Profile.

Is it possible to write the data from the form over the row where the sign-in email was written to?

I tried using a separate table for the form along with =UNIQUE to pull the form values into the User Profile table but it won’t allow the overwrite of the existing email in the User Profile table…so it ends up creating a new row in User Profile that’s missing the signed-in user’s email. Sigh.


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Holy cannoli Jeff, thank you! Yet again you save the day :slight_smile:

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