User Login Creating New Record

Tried my best to search, but not quite sure what’s going on here. I’m sure it’s a simple fix that I’m missing. Here is my app.

Basically, I’d like to implement favorites. I have it working, but whenever I login to my app from different accounts, it creates a new row with that users email in it in the Image references sheet which is the main tab in my app.

Not sure why it is doing this, but when someone logs in, I hope theres a way that a new row with their email is not created.

Uploaded an image as an example.

Hi David,

I’m using Public with email to sign in, custom profiles along with row owners enabled. (all implemented as per the Glide documentation)

As per the the documentation: “Glide apps can be configured to add rows with user’s email addresses to your sheets when users login for the first time”.

Lets say a user signs in for the first time, then signs out, and has to sign in again when returning to the app. Are new rows supposed to be added in the profiles table in the Data editor every time the user returns to the app and has to sign in again? This is currently happening for my app. I must mention that no new rows are added to the Google Sheet when a user returns to the app and is required to sing in again.